How to Resolve “The Parameter is Incorrect” Error when Adding New Disk Mount Point

Hi friends. Here’s a quick tip on Windows Clustering and Windows Disk Management and specifically on how to handle the error message “The parameter is incorrect” when working with disks and mount points.

Why you get the “Parameter is Incorrect” Error Message

Most probably, under certain circumstances, you get the above error message when attempting to create a new mount point in an existing Windows cluster for a new disk.

Consider the below scenario: You have a Windows Cluster environment, which has a root volume R: and two 3 mount points as per below:

  • R:\DBData
  • R:\DBLogs
  • R:\TempDB

Each mount point is actually a separate disk. Also R:\ is a separate disk, and it is the root volume for the above 3 mount points.

All the above disks/mount points, already exist in the cluster. If you go to Failover Cluster Manager and navigate to “Disks” you will see all the above disks/mount points there.

Now, consider that you added a new disk in Windows and you are trying to create a new mount point for this disk. Let’s say you want to create the mount point R:\DBData2.

If you just try to directly create the mount point for the new disk in Windows Disk Management you will get the error “The parameter is incorrect“.

How to Resolve the Issue

The reason you get the above error message when trying to create the mount point, is that you first need to add the disk in the cluster storage via Failover Cluster Manager.

So, in order to be able to create the mount point, you need to follow the below 2-step approach:

  • Add the new disk in the cluster as available storage via the Failover Cluster Manager – Storage – Disks – Add Disk.
  • Then via Windows Disk Management in the active node, create the mount point for the disk.

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