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  The SQL Server and .NET eBook Series: Tuning SQL Server

Tuning SQL Server by Artemakis ArtemiouThis book is for database administrators and architects who monitor and tune SQL Server instances in order to keep them operating to the maximum possible performance and stability. The book suggests several techniques that can be used for ensuring a performant SQL Server instance.

This book is organized in 4 chapters. Chapter 1 discusses the usage of indexes and the derived benefits of using them along with techniques to maintain them healthy in order to ensure performance. Chapter 2 discusses ways of managing log files as well as how to ensure that their growth will not create issues during the execution of heavy set-based operations. Chapter 3 discusses how you can monitor locking and tracking blocking cases in SQL Server as well as other locking-related topics. Chapter 4 discusses topics having to do with maintaining the good health and performance of the tempdb database as well as retrieving information from tempdb’s data structures.

Release Date: October 1, 2013
Level: Intermediate-level experience with knowledge of basic database principles (i.e. indexing, locking, etc.).
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Download Download the eBook here! || Total Downloads: 2648